The Pawhuska Indian Village is actively working to address existing and new housing needs for the use and benefit of Osage Indians pursuant to the Act of June 28, 1906 {"1906 Act"). We are now accepting applications from interested parties seeking New Lots while celebrating the traditions, customs, and history of the Village. 

Why is this being done? 
We are getting more organized in an effort to make the Village more vibrant and accessible to those who live here as well as those who seeking to live here closer to family and culture. We are collecting this information to better be able to write grants, open up opportunity to build more affordable and beautiful housing, invite in new families, as well as keep our community safe and clean. Help us help the Village by filling out your form

New Applicants and those wishing to further develop their lots. 
This application must be completed in full to be considered. A decision on whether or not a lot has been granted will be provided in writing by the Pawhuska Indian Village Committee. This must be done prior to any person approaching the BIA Realty Office for an application for lot permits. 

To avoid any delays, please submit all supporting documentation available. Use the following as a checklist:

  1. Completed Application.
  2. $50 Application Fee made out to the Pawhuska Indian Village. Cash or Money Order.
  3. CDIB cards/Osage Nation Membership for lead applicant+ all proposed household members who are Native American.
  4. Proof of family history linking you and your family/ancestors to the Pawhuska Indian Village. This may include legal documents, photos, etc.
  5. Photo Identification for the lead applicant only.
  6. Verification of income for the past 3 months.
    (SSI, Social Security, earned wages, IIM, Child Support etc.)
  7. Most Current Utility Bill.
  8. Letter of Acknowledgement stating you fully understand it is your responsibility as a Lot Holder to maintain upkeep of all structures and landscape (including mowing your own lawn).
  9. Plans, pictures, or other supporting information that illustrates the house you intend on constructing should you receive approval for a Lot in the Indian Village.

Incomplete applications without supporting documentation will not be considered. 
Please note: erection of a dwelling must be started on an assigned lot within six (6) months from date of approval of the permit or such permit will be terminated. Approved permits that did not erect a dwelling in the six (6) month time-frame have one opportunity to extend a permit for an additional six (6) months. It is expected that applications are serious and prepared to develop on an assigned lot.

Thank you,
The Five Man Board