Community Events


Pawhuska Indian Village partners with Pawhuska Youth Sports to teach the importance of physical activity in our daily routines.


Pawhuska Indian Village is currently experiencing a rejuvenation of spirit and activity as the result of a forward-thinking and involved Five Man Board. The Board has a vision for the community including new housing, new community facilities, and expanded economic development opportunities.

The Board meets the second week of every month to discuss Village issues and handle all business matters. The Board hosts a Community meeting the third week of every month to inform Village residents of any updates on topics of concern and visit with their neighbors while sharing a meal. 

Anyone is welcome to have and host prayer at our family room building.

Community Dinners 

Dinners are a very traditional part of our culture. A celebration is never without food. Food is life to our people and when you invite someone to a celebration, you feed them. Dinners are held for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and namings. Traditional foods, such as meat gravy, corn soup, hominy, pork steam fry, candied squash, grape dumplings, and fry bread are usually the courses.

Dinner at Wakon Iron Hall